In the beginning, far-away from planet earth was an island called METALAND-where every Pikaster is born.

Pikasters lived in groups according to their own attributes, and lived peacefully in their favorite attribute areas. Occasionally, they would have friendly discussions with each other.

The four largest races had their own different mysterious ancient trees. These ancient trees gave Pikasters different boosts. At the same time, the Pikasters found out that the use of rare resources such as RBS and SRBS could allow them to reproduce and live better, so they began to collect such rare resources.

Such a peaceful life was eventually broken when the dimension of another world drifting near the Pikaster dimension was pushed by a mastermind to merge with the world of Pikaster.

This caused the initial wormhole to appear in the world of Pikasterer, and began to affect the surroundings and also affected a part of Pikasters when wormholes found their way into the blood vessels and genes. They now gradually mutated to bring about more advanced Pikasters.

A year after the fusion of the different world and the Pikasterer world, the fusion points became more and the number and size of the space wormholes began to change, so much that the range of light injected through the wormholes caused Pikasters to undergo some benign mutations and monsters from other worlds could enter the Pikaster world through the wormhole.

At first, they could live in peace without disturbing each other. But, the monsters later discovered that the rare resources (RBS, SRBS) in the Pikaster world were the same as the mysterious ancient trees. Wanting to improve and evolve as well, they began to plunder the rare resources of the Pikasterer world and tried to snatch the ancient trees, thus starting a battle between the two races.

During the battle, the Pikasters found out that they needed corresponding skills to inflict damage to the enemy. Since the skills of each race could not individually resist the enemy very well, they began to break the estrangement and live with each other. The respective species began to integrate and some evolutionary bodies were derived in the battle, and Pikasters with specific skills mixed in also. Finally, with the help of the more advanced Pikasters they were able to drive the enemy back to the other world.

But due to the enemy’s invasion, the wormholes became less stable and the Pikasters could not all enter. The only way was to be divided into small groups and enter in batches. The small groups cooperated to fight against the enemies who invaded before and were finally able to destroy the invaded enemies.

In the end, the other world and the Pikasterer world merged with each other peacefully.

Pikaster is a card battle game featuring Pikaster (NFT), the first Game-Fi project created by Metaland, based on KCC.

Metaland specializes in developing high-quality blockchain-based games, social, entertainment, sports, etc to enable players to participate in and manage the ecology together and earn great financial rewards while gaining new experiences.

Stay up to date with Pikaster via the following platforms:

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I write to teach and inspire you - Content Writer | Brand Ambassador | Cryptocurrency Enthusiast| GameFi Lover|

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Sophia Kaine

Sophia Kaine

I write to teach and inspire you - Content Writer | Brand Ambassador | Cryptocurrency Enthusiast| GameFi Lover|

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