Recap: Pikaster AMA with MohitoSwap Finance

On the 26th of April, 2022, at 11am UTC, Pikaster and MojitoSwap held an amazing and insightful AMA session anchored by Niki of MohitoSwap while Pikaster was ably represented by its CMO of Metaland, Luffy Zoey who educated the attendees on everything about Pikaster and its upcoming events.

Below are the highlights of the event and some of the best questions and responses.

FIRST SEGMENT — Introduction & Defined Questions

Niki |MohitoSwap: Hey! @PikasterLuffy, pls introduce yourself to our community

Luffy| Pikaster: Hi, Niki and MojitoSwap community members! I’m so happy to be here today. Let me make a brief introduction.

I’m Luffy, CMO of Metaland. Thanks for the invitation from the MojitoSwap Community. I have more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, and almost five years of exploration in the blockchain and crypto world. I am very happy to be here today to share our upcoming project with you all — “Pikaster” Hope today’s sharing can give you a better understanding of Pikaster.

Niki |MohitoSwap: Welcome Luffy, I believe you are a very professional team. What is Pikaster? Can you share with us more in detail?

Luffy| Pikaster: Thank you Niki. Pikaster is a community-driven metaverse created by Metaland, aiming to create diverse scenarios such as various games, social, entertainment, sports, etc to enable players to participate in and manage the ecology together and earn great financial rewards while gaining new experiences. Pikaster is strategically invested by KuCoin and launched IGO on it as the first project on April 11.

Four major features make Pikaster the game-changer:

1.More ways of gameplay
In addition to the common PVP and PVE, Pikaster also designed a variety of entertainment methods such as World Trees, BOSS challenges, etc.

2. In-game wallet and marketplace in the App
The product design that has never been seen in other Game-fi projects makes the operation of the entire game and the transaction in the game much easier and safer.

3.Creative Three-Token Economic Model
One governance token plus two game tokens are all issued in limited quantities. Adjusting the release-consumption relationship in one token to alleviate the problems caused by inflation of another might be the most efficient means to protect the long-term benefits of players.

4.Profit-Sharing System
Pikaster provides various methods such as staking, referral, leasing, and community dividends so that friends who participate in community construction in any way can benefit from the platform.

Niki |MohitoSwap: Oh , Sounds interesting ! It’s the first time I’ve heard three-token economic model. Your model is very innovative.
Why did you choose MojitoSwap as your IDO platform?

Luffy| Pikaster:
I believe this is not surprising, especially after KuCoin and Pikaster have established a strategic cooperation.

First, we are community-driven projects. We all share the belief that community is an extremely critical part of our development. We will listen to the community’s suggestions and opinions as much as possible and we want to involve all members in our development.

Second, we all focus on user experience and want to bring fabulous experience to our users.

Third, after they get an in-depth understanding of our product philosophy and our creative economic model, collaboration becomes easy.

Niki |MohitoSwap: Yes, We would be a great partnership. One more thing I’m curious about is… What are the roles of $MLS/$RBS/$SRBS in Pikaster? Would you tell us more about the tokenomics?

Luffy| Pikaster: This is the key point for our community members.

We are the first project to adopt the limited release of in-game dual tokens. We believe this will be a very meaningful attempt. The platform will issue three types of tokens:
$MLS: Metaland Shares, the Governance Token in Metaland
$SRBS: Super Rare BallShares, the Rare Game Token in Pikaster
$RBS: Rare BallShares, the Regular Game Token in Pikaster

With its innovative designed model of three types of tokens, Pikaster seeks to address the inflation problem that plagues many Game-fi projects. There are one governance tokens and two types of game tokens in the game.
The adoption of dual game tokens can better control the balance. In case one type of the game tokens shows an inflationary trend, more of the type of tokens subject to inflation can be consumed through more gameplay to produce another type of tokens, so as to achieve the overall balance of different types of tokens and avoid serious inflation.

Pikaster’s NFT assets are mainly generated through breeding, which requires a certain amount of $MLSs, $SRBSs and $RBSs as the fuel.

If you want to get more details, you can read Pikaster whitepaper here:

Niki |MohitoSwap: I believe many people want to know about this model.
And you are about to do IDO on our platform, How to participate in IDO? Can you share us in detail?

Luffy| Pikaster: Let me share a pic

Niki |MohitoSwap: $0.1

Luffy| Pikaster: As you can see, there are 2 rounds in IDO. You need prepare $MJT to buy $MLS. And the sales methods of both Limited Sale and Unlimited Sale are ‘oversold overflow’.

Round 1: 10:00 AM — 12:00 PM on 29th April (UTC). Limited Sale.
Round 2: 12:30 PM — 2:00 PM on 29th April (UTC). Unlimited Sale.

For IDO Round 1, there will be 1,000 whitelists. Complete all the tasks on gleam and you will have a chance to get into IDO whitelist.


For whitelist distribution: From April 23 — April 27, 180 whitelists will be selected randomly and announced on the official Twitter page everyday. Top 100 on gleam can get into IDO whitelist based on entries. All MLS in IDO will be distributed after IEO.

Niki |MohitoSwap: What is “oversold overflow” method for both Limited Sale and Unlimited Sale?

Luffy| Pikaster: That’s a good question. Many ask about this.

The “oversold overflow” method means users can invest any amount of MJT tokens in participating in Launchpad at their discretion. The number of tokens a user ends up earning depends on their share of the total amount invested in Launchpad. After the sale, users can claim the purchased tokens, and get back the remaining funds (MJT Token) that have not been withheld.

In short, the more funds users invest, the more tokens they eventually buy. After the sale, users can receive MJT tokens that have not been withheld. There is a hard cap $100 worth of MJT in Round 1. No hard cap in Round 2.

Niki |MohitoSwap: Okay, got it. What is the next development plan and layout?

Luffy| Pikaster: We have a lot of plans that have already been implemented, and a lot of exciting news to come. I will mention a few that you may be more concerned about and interested in.

First, as we all know Pikaster IDO on MojitoSwap on April 29th. IDO details:

And then our CB test is on May 9th. Players with one NFT can participate in our CB test. We will offer IEO on KuCoin in May. Our OB test is round the end of May. We will release these important information one after another. You can follow our official twitter @PikasterNFT to get the latest info.

Join our community:
Join Pikaster Discord:
Follow us on Twitter:

Niki |MohitoSwap: Thank you for your detailed sharing. I believe everyone can’t wait to participate in this IDO. Hope everyone gets whitelisted.

Luffy| Pikaster: Pikaster community is ready for this.

Niki |MohitoSwap: That wraps up the first part of the AMA session. Let’s now proceed to the free-ask section.

Luffy| Pikaster: Thank you Niki.

SECOND SEGMENT — Community Questions

Q1: What other ways can users earn without playing the game?

Luffy| Pikaster:: Besides playing the game, your NFTs can also be listed on our rental market. For players with extra NFTs, more money can be made by renting.
And our NFT can be traded on our official marketplace. Two NFTs can breed one new NFT by using RBS, SRBS and MLS. All these NFTs can be sold on our official market to make money.

Q2: So this IDO, we only need $MJT and not LP(KCS/USDT) tokens? Can we participate in both IDO on MojitoSwap then participate on IEO on KuCoin for $MLS?

Luffy| Pikaster: Yes. Remember if you are whitelisted, prepare MJT to buy MLS. If you are not whitelisted, you can participate in IDO round 2. IEO details will be released soon on our official Twitter @PikasterNFT

Q3: What can we expect in the coming days or weeks after the IDO and IEO for Pikaster?

Luffy| Pikaster: After IDO, if you have one Pikaster NFT in game, you can participate in our CB test on May 9th. After CB test, we will offer IEO on KuCoin and we will do a lot giveaways on our Twitter page and in our community.

Q4: What’s the difference between the two ín game tokens in Pikaster, $SRBS and $RBS?

Luffy| Pikaster: $SRBS: Super Rare BallShares, the Rare Game Token in Pikaster
$RBS: Rare BallShares, the Regular Game Token in Pikaster

They have different total supplies. A total of 1,000,000,000 $SRBS and 10,000,000,000 $RBS are produced.
According to the calculations by our data team, and through a well-functioning recycling mechanism, the limited issuance of tokens can guarantee the stability of the value of tokens to the greatest extent.

Q5: Can users earn just by playing Pikaster? How would that work?

Luffy| Pikaster: In game version 1, there are 4 kinds of gameplays, including PVP/PVE/Boss challenge/World trees. With these four gameplays, player can earn in-game tokens $SRBS and $RBS. and we have PVP seasons. If you can be the top players in PVP seasons, you can earn lots of MLS (our governance token).

Niki |MohitoSwap: Great, thanks for answering all selected questions. So for now, we have finished the AMA.

Thanks everyone for your time.

Luffy| Pikaster: Thank you all. Let’s focus on IDO!

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